Shortwave Zine : Issue #4

Cover by: Dylan Goldberger

Interviewed Rob Collinson* of Low Card.

Dee Ostrander of Baker

 Photos: Ian Kline (above and below)


Shortwave : Issue # 3

These are some pages from issue #3. If you want one contact us or get it at your local skate shop.

Marisa Dal Santo photo spread.
We sent her a disposable camera. These are some of the photos from the roll.
I think a different page was used but only the one little photo was switched out.

These are some stickers she made and sent to us. Destruction Squirrel is her hometown skate crew.

 I wanted to interview Ian because he some of the craziest surgery scars that I had ever seen.


I want to thank everyone that was involved and gave us the time to interview them. Thanks for the support!

This is a sticker design that Nicki drew up.


Shiny Monsters

These are some cell phone shots of Adam Wallacavage's chandeliers and other cool pieces at his show Shiny Monsters in Philly. I loved it. I always wanted to see his work in person. I can check this off my bucket list.


I make a zine called Shortwave with my friend Nicki. Recently we semi launched a blog/website. I say semi launched because it's still under construction.

____ ___ ___ _

We interviewed photo editor Philip A Jackson, Scott Kemic, and Nicki Orso about their book, FDR Skatepark : A Visual History. An entertaing photo book comprised of images from 25 contributors depicting this DIY parks birth and growth, a decade and a half existance. Check out the interview and snag a copy! it’s defintely worth it.